Eric Pinder

Eric Pinder was born in upstate New York, attended college in western Massachusetts, and later drove to northern New Hampshire in a rusty Chevy Nova packed with a few clothes, almost no furniture, and about a dozen boxes of books. For many years he worked at the Mount Washington Observatory, the “Home of the World’s Worst Weather,” which inspired his book Life at the Top and his first book for children, Cat in the Clouds.

Eric’s books for children include the Ladybug Picture Book Award nominees If All the Animals Came Insideand How to Share with a Bear, as well as The Perfect Pillow, published by Disney-Hyperion, which received the 2019 New Hampshire Literary Award for Outstanding Work of Children’s Literature.

Despite the fact that bears appear in almost every book he’s ever written, his favorite animal is actually the giraffe.

For more information about the author, visit or find him on Twitter at @EricPinder.

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