Rebecca Rule

Rebecca Rule is a full-time writer, humorist, and storyteller. In the program that inspired this book, “That Reminds Me of a Story,” she tells some of the best (and funniest) stories she’s collected over the course of twenty-five years of spinning and gathering yarns at libraries, historical societies, rotaries, clubs, church groups, campgrounds, and charitable organizations. She says she likes collecting stories because “they’re free and you don’t have to dust them.” Whenever she performs, she invites audience members to tell stories of their own in the spirit of oral history, and she pledges to pass the stories on. Stories are our identity. They hold our history, our culture, our heart—and they live on in the telling.

For ten years, she hosted the NH Authors Series on NHPTV. She currently hosts Our Hometown, also on NHPTV. 

She’s the author of a dozen books, including N is for NH, an ABC book with photographs by Scott Snyder.

Awards and special recognition include an honorary doctorate of humane letters from New England College “for contributions to New Hampshire culture and literature,” and an award from NH Humanities for demonstrating “what it means to create, teach, lead, assist, and encourage human understanding.”

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