Maudelle Driskell

Maudelle Driskell holds an MFA in poetry from Warren Wilson College. Her work has been published in many literary reviews and anthologies. She is the recipient of the Ruth Lilly Fellowship, awarded by Poetry and the Modern Language Association.


Raised in south Georgia, Driskell lived most of her adult life in Atlanta. She now lives in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, where she is the executive director of The Frost Place, an arts organization headquartered in Robert Frost’s historic home. Driskell is constantly inspired by the legacy of Robert Frost and the beauty of the landscape.



Hobblebush Books by

Maudelle Driskell

Talismans: Poems


Volume VIII in the Hobblebush Granite State Poetry Series. ". . . Quirky, often grimly funny, Driskell's clarity draws the reader to her insistence on the uncertain 'other.' " —Cleopatra Mathis

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Maudelle Driskell at The Fells


On September 28, 2014, Maudelle Driskell joined six Hobblebush poets and read poetry at The Fells in Newbury, New Hampshire.


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