Sidney Hall Jr.

Sidney Hall Jr. was born in 1951 and has lived most of his life in southern New Hampshire. He is a graduate of Reed College, where he studied Greek and Latin Classics. He is the founder and owner of Hobblebush Books. He is also the owner of Hobblebush Design, which specializes in book design and production for other publishers. His poems have appeared in the Graham House Review, Chattahoochie Review, Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, Wisconsin Review, California Quarterly, Hollins Critic, the Los Angeles Times Book Review, and other magazines and journals, as well as on Garrison Keillor’s Writer’s Almanac and in several poetry anthologies. His book reviews have also appeared in the Los Angeles Times Book Review. He is the author of three books of poems, What We Will Give Each Other, Chebeague, and Fumbling in the Light, and a book of memoirs, Small Town Tales, a collection of his newspaper columns.



Hobblebush Books by

Sidney Hall Jr.

Fumbling in the Light


This collection explores, in the author's words, "the multiple kinds of light in the world, and the multiple kinds of darkness, and the relationship of poetry to both."

Small Town Tales


"Hall's philosophical, multi-layered insights transcend geography. They have universal appeal." —Jack Barnes

What We Will Give Each Other


"Call him a neoclassicist seasoned by the spirits of Zen and Taoism—his poems are revelations, beautiful and true." —Sam Hamill

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Sidney Hall Jr. at The Fells


On September 28, 2014, Sidney Hall Jr. joined six Hobblebush poets in reading poetry at The Fells in Newbury, New Hampshire.

Poems from Fumbling in the Light and What We Will Give Each Other - Sidney Hall Jr.
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Sidney Hall Jr. reads from his books, Fumbling in the Light and What We Will Give Each Other


To follow along with the reading, click here.


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