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Guidebooks & Stories & Poetry, Oh My!

Friends, it's been a while. Can you believe it's almost November? It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating National Poetry Month. The peepers were singing, the lupines were blooming. July, August, and September went speeding past in sunscreen and sandals. Last weekend I carved a pumpkin. (I'm biased, but I think it came out pretty cute.)

I like posting these updates on a somewhat regular basis to keep you in the loop about all of our Hobblebush happenings. Lately, we've been so busy "happening" that I haven't set aside the time to reach out. I'm sorry for that. We have a ton of great things going on right now, and I'm excited to share them with you. Read on to learn about three (yes, three!) new books we've published this fall. Plus, we'll chat about how we're gearing up for the holiday season.

Thanks for reading our books, supporting our authors, and reading these updates. Hope you enjoy learning about all the exciting things we have going on right now!


New from Hobblebush Books


Edited by NH Poet Laureate Alexandria Peary

“Picking up where COVID Spring left off, this new collection beautifully captures the uncertainty, the burnout, and the hope—lots of hope—of a diverse group of poets from the Granite State and beyond as they look toward a post-pandemic future.”

—Mary Russell, Director, Center for the Book at the NH State Library

Stories from the White Mountain

Dan Szczesny

When Dan Szczesny was researching and writing his award-winning book, The White Mountain: Rediscovering Mount Washington’s Hidden Culture, it seemed that everyone had a story to tell about New England’s highest peak; in fact, there were just too many tales to fit in one book.

Stories from the White Mountain is a collection of essays that didn’t quite fit. Come along for another round of revelations from the summit of Agiocochook.

NH Rocks that Rock

Uma & Dan Szczesny

Outdoor writer Dan Szczesny and his six-year-old daughter set out on a statewide adventure to visit, document, and learn about some of New Hampshire's most famous rocks and boulders.

Dan and Uma narrowed down the list and created a Patch Quest to encourage families to get out and explore corners of the state they might not normally visit. And now it’s your turn. Use this guide to navigate to some of the strangest, most interesting stories—and rocks—in the Granite State.


We're hard at work putting the finishing touches on our 2021 Hobblebush Holiday Gift Shop. Join us on Monday, November 1 to browse our curated collection of unique literary-themed pieces from makers around the country. Be on the lookout for our official launch email next week!


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