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Behind the Scenes: Publishing an Anthology

Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zone with COVID Spring: Granite State Pandemic Poems

When we teamed up with New Hampshire Poet Laureate Alexandria Peary to publish the first volume of COVID Spring, we had no idea what to expect. The project made sense in theory—something monumental was happening in April of 2020, and it seemed likely that people would turn to writing as a way of confronting and coping with the pandemic. What we didn't know—and what kept me up at night before the submissions started rolling in—was whether the unease and unpredictability of everything going on in those first few weeks would deter people from submitting.

Though we've published many poetry books over the years (including fourteen volumes of our Granite State Poetry Series), poetry anthologies are somewhat new to us. We did publish Poet Showcase in 2015, but that project was a little different—instead of putting out a call for submissions, editors Alice B. Fogel and Sidney Hall Jr. drew from poems already selected by past NH Poets Laureate Patricia Fargno