Creating the Peaceable Classroom + Mudra Songs CD

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    A 21st-Century Wellness Guide for Teachers, Students and Parents

    by Sandy Bothmer

    with illustrations by Jan Mercuri Grossman

    Creating the Peaceable Classroom is intended to assist the community of teachers, paraprofessionals, counselors, psychologists, school nurses, administrators, students, and parents, to create calm and useful energy within themselves and their environment.

    This edition is richer and fuller than the first. It includes more detailed information in many chapters along with new charts and diagrams. Also new are the Hints, and there are Special Education sections addressed directly to those teachers or students. The Parent Connection sections offer parents possibilities for using these same techniques at home.

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    Happy To Be Me: Mudra Songs for Kids

    Seven Hand gesture songs written by Sandy Bothmer, vocals by Pat Kenneally, produced by Nancy Beaudette

    This one-of-a-kind collection of songs will help your children or students change their state-of-being when needed with easy and effective mudras, hand gestures, that come from the practice of yoga. The hand placements are taught through songs that have been set to music that expresses the benefit derived from each mudra.