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Earth Listening

  • Poems
    Becky Sakellariou

    Hobblebush Books is proud to announce Volume Two of its Hobblebush Granite State Poetry Series, a book by Becky Dennison Sakellariou, whose New England roots have stretched overseas to Euboia, Greece, while nourishing her poetry and connection to both worlds.

     Former New Hampshire Poet Laureate Patricia Fargnoli calls the poems “carefully crafted with astonishing phrases and beautiful language and rhythms. Earth Listening, with its depth, its explorations of love and loss, and its spiritual awareness, seems to me like one long prayer. I love this book.” 

    The poems in Earth Listening reflect the complex tapestries of the two very different worlds that Sakellariou inhabits. She says, “These poems also explore what I call the beginning of dying; the way our pores open to the world even more intensely as we age and as death appears more visceral around us. There is both the contradiction and balance, the push and pull of that continual ‘making sense of the world.’ ”

Other Considerations

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