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From the Box Marked Some Are Missing

  • New & Selected Poems
    Charles W. Pratt

    We are proud to begin the Hobblebush Granite State Poetry Series with a book by Charles Pratt, longtime resident of Brentwood, New Hampshire and owner, with his wife, of an apple orchard that has inspired many of his widely published poems. 

     As X. J. Kennedy says, “for decades now, Charles Pratt has been quietly placing his distinctive poems in leading journals. Now at last the size of his achievement is made visible.” 

    From the Box Marked Some Are Missing includes selected poems from three of Pratt’s earlier books, along with a generous number of poems that have not appeared in book form before. The whole of Pratt’s long and distinguished writing career is represented. 

     Pratt’s poems—often quite formal, but usually in disguised fashion—are as tart and crisp as the apples from his orchard, and will delight many kinds of readers.

Other Considerations

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