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More NH Rocks That Rock

  • When outdoor writers Uma and Dan Szczesny were looking for a follow-up to their successful field guide, NH Rocks That Rock, memorial stones presented a rare intersection of geology, adventure, and history. Though they often go unnoticed, these markers can be found everywhere in New Hampshire—in busy traffic circles, sandy beaches, and curious enclosures.


    With this guidebook, you’ll be able to visit a boulder and cannonball commemorating Civil War hero George Eugene Belknap. You can puzzle through a wayfinder obelisk that served as an eighteenth-century street sign. And up north, in a beautiful mountain park, you’ll learn about the state’s most famous, long-gone rock face.


    By visiting these memorial stones, Dan and Uma reconnected with history—and you can too! Use this guide to navigate to some of New Hampshire’s most peculiar and interesting memorial sites while uncovering the stories behind the names inscribed in granite.


    Are you ready? Then get rocking!

Other Considerations

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