Paris Was My Paramour and Other Lost Diaries

  • by Lawrence Millman

    with illustrations by Steffen Pierce

    The 11th book by celebrated travel writer Lawrence Millman is a departure from his usual explorations of the exotic and far-flung regions of the planet. This is as act of sheer fantasy and outrageous humor that recalls Mark Twain. It is truly one of the funniest books you will ever read.

    Ever wonder how God occupied Himself during His last days in power? or why famous explorers occasionally have to eat each other? Or what happened when Dan Quayle was appointed White House chef? You’ll find the answers to these questions—and many more you never dared to ask—in these “recently discovered” diaries:

    Very Bleak Indeed: An Explorer’s Journal • Pages from a Hollywood Diary • Into Vapid Air: An Everest Diary • Bad News: Job’s Diary • Paris was my Paramour: A Lost Generation Journal • The Secret Diary of Attila the Hun • The Multi-Million Dollar Storm: A Hurricane Diary • Jottings from a Publisher’s Journal • From a President’s Diary • Leaves from God’s Diary