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Stories from the White Mountain

  • More Tales from New Hampshire's Highest Peak

    By Dan Szczesny


    When Dan Szczesny was researching and writing his award-winning book, The White Mountain: Rediscovering Mount Washington’s Hidden Culture, it seemed that everyone had a story to tell about New England’s highest peak; in fact, there were just too many tales to fit in one book.


    Stories from the White Mountain is a collection of essays that didn’t quite fit, that were reprinted elsewhere, or that originally appeared in a condensed version. You’ll learn about a teenager’s hiking experience during World War II, understand the critical role Mount Washington played with early mapmakers, and visit with one of the most famous celebrities associated with the Rock Pile—the legendary Marty Engstrom.


    And, of course, you’ll follow the history of the summit cats and meet the mysterious Nimbus, the latest in a long line of feline mascots.


    Dan Szczesny has shared plenty of stories about Mount Washington, but there’s always more to be told. Come along for another round of revelations from the summit of Agiocochook.

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