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Twelve Words

  • Considerations for a Clear and Balanced Day

    by eQuanimiti joy

    Twelve Words invites you to step into a work of art and a meditation guide.

    Twelve Words can be used as individual contemplation, as a meditation journal, and as a reading guide for group dialogue.The intention is that you find new insight each time you meet one or all of the twelve words.

    About the Cover:
    “The Circle of 12” is a canvas by artist eQuanimiti joy in response to the poem “Considerations,” first written down by Daniel TwoEagles. Segments of the full canvas appear sequentially as interior plates highlighting each of the twelve words.

    How to use the book: 
    You can read Twelve Words all at once.
    You can open Twelve Words to any single page.
    You can read Twelve Words from front to back or back to front.
    You are free to find the path to the artistic meditation you choose.

Other Considerations

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