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Fran Quinn has a bachelor’s degree from Assumption College and an ABD from U. Mass, Amherst. He taught literature in high schools and in colleges in New England for many years. His interest was always in finding innovative ways to teach poetry to students at various levels—ways to allow the students to discover and learn, and bring them inside poems, not keep them outside, without emotional engagement.


Most important to this teaching is that he is a poet himself; he published three volumes of poetry, Milk of the Lioness (1982), The Goblet Crying for Wine (1995), and A Horse of Blue Ink (2005), and has placed poems in various journals. In 2002, The Worcester Review produced a special issue for his 60th birthday with forty tributes by such poets as Robert Bly, Eavan Boland, Coleman Barks, Seamus Heaney, and Galway Kinnell. Robert Creeley says, “Fran has been and is the best news possible”; says Donald Hall, “No one has worked so hard for poetry as Fran Quinn. No one has benefitted more poets, with his diligence, his warm heart, and his inventiveness.”


One of the founders of the Worcester County Poetry Association in 1971, he organized Robert Bly’s Mother Conference for years. In addition to teaching creative writing for over twenty-five years, he was the poet-in-residence and director of the internationally known Visiting Writers Series at Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana for fifteen years, a series that brought in 500 poets worldwide. He now conducts regular poetry workshops in Indianapolis, Chicago, New York City, and elsewhere. Visit his website at



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Fran Quinn

Sound Ideas: Hearing and Speaking Poetry


Hearing and speaking are essential to making poems live. Poems are a physical experience. This book explains how to find your way to the heart of a poem by taking it off the page.

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"The Sound I Listened For" by Robert Francis - Fran Quinn
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Fran Quinn reads "The Sound I Listened For" by Robert Francis


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