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Cora Schwartz is a photo journalist and behavioral psychologist who lives and writes in South Fallsburg, New York. Her essays and short stories have been published in journals and periodicals. Her book, The Forgotten Few, was written and photographed to fulfill a promise she made to her husband, Rudy, to bring humanitarian aid to the remaining survivors in Mogelov. The Forgotten Few has been described as a small book with a huge impact. With only a few pages of text, the book presents photographs of holocaust survivors. They are images that will haunt the reader forever. The Forgotten Few is currently used in classrooms around the world.


Ms. Schwartz also owns and operates a retreat in upstate New York for writers. It was founded in the spirit of a Ukrainian writer, Olga Kobylianska, who is considered one of the first feminists in Eastern Europe. Ms. Schwartz discovered the work of Olga Kobylianska on a trip with Rudy to his hometown, Chernivitsy.


Ms. Schwartz is currently working on the sequel to Gypsy Tears. She is expanding on Olga Kobylianska’s philosophy, revolutionary at the time, that “we are all God’s children, whites and gypsies alike.” In an effort to authenticate this sequel, Ms. Schwartz is planning an extended stay in a cottage in a suburb of Chernivitsy where some of the best Roma musicians reside in peace with their neighbors.



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Cora Schwartz

Gypsy Tears: Loving a Holocaust Survivor


A whirlwind love story that is as magic as it is real, and more important than ever for our times. "Do read it. It will be a powerful experience and at the same time a great treat!" —Maurice Friedman, Author of Abraham Joshua Heschel and Elie Wiesel: You Are My Witnesses

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