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Dan Szczesny's first book, The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie, is a hiking memoir about a one-year, 225-mile journey through some of New Hampshire's least known wilderness areas with his 10-year-old foster daughter. His second book, The Nepal Chronicles, about his marriage in Kathmandu and a month-long honeymoon trek to Everest Base Camp, was published in 2014 by Hobblebush Books. Sing is his first collection of fiction.


Dan began his career in Buffalo, New York. Since then, he has written for a wide variety of regional and national publications, including the Main Line Times, Philadelphia Weekly, all4women.com, Yahoo! Parenting, and Huffington Post. He writes a weekly column for The Good Men Project called "Modern Dad" about getting kids into nature and the challenges of being an older dad.


He lives in Manchester, New Hampshire with his wife Meenakshi and daughter Uma. For more information about the author, visit www.danszczesny.com.



Hobblebush Books by

Dan Szczesny

Sing, And Other Short Stories


Volume I in the Hobblebush Granite State Short Story Series. This short story debut by journalist and travel writer, Dan Szczeny, is an ode to common people who are forced to make a stand.

The Nepal Chronicles: Marriage, Mountains, and Momos in the Highest Place on Earth


Travel writer Dan Szczesny and his Nepalese wife marry in Kathmandu and their honeymoon is a trek to Everest Base Camp.

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An Interview with Dan Szczesny


Author Dan Szczesny talks about his new book, The Nepal Chronicles, and tells us about his honeymoon trek to Everest Base Camp.


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