William W. Treat

William W. Treat was able to sit still. While others would have been happy to succeed in any one of his multifarious professions, Bill Treat carried on in a number of careers simultaneously, making, as he went, significant contributions to the American scene —in law, politics, banking, diplomacy and elsewhere.


He was a judge, an author, an accomplished speaker and lecturer, a family man, president and owner of a bank, a world traveler, a politician, an ambassador to the United Nations, a friend of presidents and a confidante of world leaders. William Treat lived much of his life in Stratham, NH and died in 2010.



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William W. Treat

As I Was Saying: An Autumnal Accounting


Judge William Treat was well known in New Hampshire before he went on to become a friend of presidents, an ambassador to the United Nations, and a confidant of world leaders. Follow his unique journey in this book of collected speeches, articles, photographs and memoirs.


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