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Stuart Weeks' forbears have served in state or national office for the last eight generations. His great-grandfather, John Wingate Weeks, was the secretary of war in the Cabinets of Harding and Coolidge, and was also responsible for the landmark environmental legislation known as the Weeks Act. The author’s grandfather, Sinclair Weeks, the “Lord of Cat Bow,” was a U.S. senator and secretary of commerce under Eisenhower. The author’s father, Sinclair Weeks Jr., was a business leader. Stuart Weeks has directed his creative energies into the cultural sector, as a writer, educator, and founder and director of The Center for American Studies in Concord, Massachusetts.


In this capacity, he has hosted programs for over 1,000 international leaders, introducing them to American culture through the historic window of Concord. Stuart has hosted the radio show Of, By, and For the People, authored the column, “Uncommon Sense,” and is currently completing, with two colleagues, the transcription, editing, and preparation for publication of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s yet unpublished, complete masterwork, The Natural History of the Intellect. A father of four, Stuart and his wife, Juliane, divide their time between Concord, Massachusetts and the Granite State of his forbears.



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Stuart Weeks

The Lord of Cat Bow


"Stuart Weeks’ forbears were members of presidential Cabinets and creators of important legislation. Stuart grew up in the novel atmosphere of this political family in the fabulous setting of New Hampshire’s North Country, under the shadow of Mount Washington.


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