Audio Catalog: Readings by Hobblebush Authors

Patricia Fargnoli reads the title poem from her book Winter.


Patricia Fargnoli

Henry Walters

Henry Walters reads "Triptych in Pieces," "Now the One, Now the Other," and "Milkman" from the book Field Guide A Tempo.


Fran Quinn

Fran Quinn reads "The Sound I Listened for" by Robert Francis, from the book Sound Ideas.


Becky Sakellariou

Becky Sakellariou reads "The Avocado" from her book Earth Listening.


Sidney Hall Jr.

Sidney Hall Jr. reads the title poem from his book Fumbling in the Light, and "Monolog" and "The Poet's Tea" from What We Will Give Each Other.


Julia Older

The opening of Tales of the François Vase by Julia Older from the Radio Works radio dramatization.


J. Kates

J. Kates reads "Rule Number One," "Woman of the High Plains" and "Out" from his book The Briar Patch.


Rodger Martin

Rodger Martin reads "October" from his book The Blue Moon Series.


James Fowler

James Fowler reads haiku, haibun, and senryu from his book Falling Ashes.


Charles W. Pratt

Charles Pratt reads "Still Here" from his book From the Box Marked Some Are Missing.