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  • How do your services compare to other companies’ for authors who want to self-publish?
    We don’t use templates to design your book. We treat each manuscript as its own entity and customize every aspect of the text layout and cover design based on a number of factors, including content, intended audience, budget, etc. Your manuscript is unique in so many ways—wouldn’t it be a shame for your book to look exactly like someone else’s? In addition, we are real people who will help you throughout the entire process, from manuscript to printed book. If you have a question, suggestion, or concern, we are always reachable by phone or email.
  • How much will it cost?
    Our prices are very competitive even though we customize every aspect of the design and layout. Cost depends on how many services you require, the length and complexity of your manuscript, and other factors. We will give you a free estimate on your project, and these estimates are very reliable as long as there are no major alterations after work begins. Just contact us with information about your manuscript and goals to get started. You may be tempted to go with other places, particularly online sites, that advertise very low prices. Beware of hidden costs and read all fine print before comparing the cost of their services to ours.
  • What stage should my manuscript be in?
    We can take your manuscript at any stage, but generally we like to receive it after major, deep-level editing has been completed and the book is ready for either a copy edit or typesetting. (If you require more in-depth editing services, contact us and we can suggest some great editors.) From there, we will evaluate your project and discuss what services you require.
  • How should I format my files for you?
    We can work with virtually any word processing file. Text should have minimal formatting and images should be separate files. For more specifics, check out our guidelines for preparing book materials. If you’re unsure about your files for any reason, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • How long until I have printed copies of my book?
    This depends on a number of factors, including the services you need, how complex your manuscript is (e.g., a simple novel vs. a highly designed art book) and the printer's schedule (if applicable). Most books take two to three months or more. A manuscript that requires copy editing, typesetting, graphics editing, cover design, and proofreading will take longer than a manuscript requiring just typesetting and cover design. We are very flexible and will do our best to adjust to your timeline.
  • How many books do I need to print?
    We work with both offset and digital printers who can do large and small runs with the highest printing standards. Although your cost per book will go down the more books you print (for example: 100 copies might cost $6 per book, whereas 1000 might cost $3 per book), you can generally print as few as 25 copies at a time. This flexibility allows us to assist you with print production no matter what quantity of books you desire.
  • Who will market my book?
    Books produced by Hobblebush Design are not published by Hobblebush Books, and we do not market them. However, we can assist you with creating marketing materials such as postcards and flyers.
  • Do I need a publisher name and ISBN if I am self-publishing?
    If you are planning on selling your book in bookstores and at online retailers like Amazon, you should have a publisher name and ISBN. ISBN’s cannot be shared between publishers. Acquiring these are easy and we will guide you through the steps. If you are printing a limited number of books for friends and family, you do not require a publisher name or ISBN.
  • My company publishes several books per year. How can you help me with this?
    As with our individual clients, we can copy edit, design, typeset, proofread, and oversee your books’ print runs. We can also convert print books to high-quality e-books and provide validated .epub and .mobi files for you to use on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and other e-book sellers. We are good at working with deadlines and can take away all your book-production headaches.
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