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Hobblebush Design Services


With over 30 years of experience in editing, we can edit or copy edit your manuscript to suit your needs. We will discuss the level of editing that you require before starting. Copy editing at its most basic level includes correction of punctuation, spelling, grammar and syntax. The deepest level of editing involves all these, but also includes suggestions about organization and a thorough look at sentence improvement. This level may involve major rewriting. Most editing jobs fall somewhere between these two extremes, and we will be happy to meet you at your level of need.


We have many years of book-designing experience and design books for publishers and organizations both big and small, both academic and commercial.


Our emphasis is on beautiful and elegant design in the tradition of fine bookmaking, though we understand the limitations imposed by budgets and the printing process. As a result, your book will have an excellent chance in the marketplace!


Most of our books are designed in Adobe InDesign CC. We can import text from any word processor. We use Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC in design work. Though we work in a Mac environment, we can work with PC files just as easily.


We prefer to oversee the print production process to assure correct output and quality, but occasionally we simply provide the files ready for print.


We have long been interested in the art of fine typography, and use state-of-the art digital technology in the service of the best typographic traditions. We pay attention to details that larger publishing houses often overlook.


Although we do not market books that we produce for other publishers or individuals, we can supply high quality marketing materials to help you market the book.

Print Production

We work with highly respected printers from North America, Canada and China and can find the best fit for your project. We will oversee your print run from start to finish, choosing the best printer and printing method for your needs and budget. We work with offset book manufacturers who can do large runs with the highest printing standards and we work with high-end digital printers who can do short runs at low cost. 


We can convert your print book into a high-quality e-book for you and provide validated .epub and .mobi files to you for use on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and other e-book sellers. These e-books are hand crafted from the print version of the book, not computer generated, but our prices are very competitive. Although e-books cannot match the aesthetics of our print books, the technology is getting better all the time and we take advantage of all the latest e-book improvements.

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