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General Information

We're thrilled that you're considering Hobblebush Books as a potential publisher for your work. 


Before submitting, please read the guidelines below and get acquainted with our catalog. If your manuscript doesn't fit our requirements, it will not be considered for publication.


We believe in giving each manuscript the time and attention it deserves. Our typical turnaround time for manuscript decisions is three months. We kindly ask for your patience during this time and request that you refrain from emailing or calling for updates. 

When you're ready to submit, please use the button below to navigate to our submission form. Submissions sent via email will not be considered.

Creative Non-Fiction

We welcome submissions for non-fiction books. Please be sure to include a synopsis when submitting. Our non-fiction books are typically connected to New England in some way, but this is not a requirement. Response time is typically three months.

Please note that we are not currently accepting submissions for memoirs. 

Hobblebush Reflections Series

The Hobblebush Reflections Series provides an avenue for sharing in-depth observations about our most important moments and the minutiae of everyday life.  


Submissions should contain 100–150 pages of short essays—or reflections—on a single topic. Topics can vary widely from volume to volume. The essays should be brief and generally nonacademic in nature. Essays need not strictly focus on the main topic, but we would like each book to maintain a common thread throughout.

Hobblebush Granite State Poetry Series

We welcome ideas and submissions for the series. Manuscripts should be approximately 60 to 80 pages of poetry. Authors should either live in New Hampshire or have a very strong New Hampshire connection. Response time is typically three months. Simultaneous submissions OK with prompt notice of acceptance elsewhere.


Series editor, Sidney Hall Jr., notes: "We are not looking for authors who are simply skilled. We are interested in work that is transformative and important. We are looking for authors who have lifted words into a new realm of spirit that did not exist before. We believe those poets are here in New Hampshire."


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