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by Odin & Osgar

I'd Rather Be Reading Towel

  • 100% Cotton towel. "Vintage" white, meaning the fabric can, and often does, contain threads of another color, but is overall white.


    Designed and printed in MN, USA!

  • Odin & Osgar

    Apple Valley, Minnesota


    We love reading. All the books. We love encouraging everyone to read and providing a great way for avid readers to show off their favorite hobby! We are into nerds, geek culture, technology and socializing, which is why we are currently creating Local Bookstore Content for a Social World. Now we are bringing it straight to you! In our fantastical adventures, it's our goal to spread a love of reading, a love of local independent bookstores, a love of authors, a love of introverts and a love of tiny book nerds by encouraging early reading!

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